Odawara Lantern Festival
Dates: The fourth Saturday and Sunday in July (TBA)
Times: 12:00-20:30 (both dates) (TBA)
Place: Odawara Castle Square
Fee: Free

Odawara Chouchin (Lantern) is famous for its shape because body part made of paper can be folded up like an accordion when not using. It is said to have improved for travelling through steep and harsh road to Hakone. Upper lid part was made of sacred tree from Saijoji Temple, which was said to protect travellers from fox yokai (monster/goblin/creature).
If you have travelled to Odawara by train, you might have seen a huge lantern hanging above JR Odawara Station. A moat is lit by more than 2000 lanterns created by local elementary school children. There are also Odawara Lantern Dance performance contest on the stage.