Odawara Oden Summit 2018
Dates: Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April 2018
Time: 10:00-17:00 (second day until 16:00)
Place: Odawara Castle Park, Ninomaru Square

When you ask Japanese people what’s famous in Odawara, I believe more than half of people will answer “Kamaboko”. Various kind of fish including white croaker is minced, seasoned and steamed until its firmed. Kamaboko is rich in protein and calcium, although having low calories and fat. It has been loved by Japanese people until now.
Making Kamaboko in this area flourished around 220 years ago. Odawara was popular stop before going to Hakone. Back then, a route to Hakone was harsh which made it difficult to deliver fresh fish from Odawara to Hakone, so Kamaboko was preferred because of having better food preservation.
There are many Kamaboko shops in Odawara, some of them have history over 200 years. In this Oden Summit, 13 Kamaboko shops in Odawara make one Oden each. A bowl of hot pot with fried or steamed Kamaboko is healthy fast food takeaway.