Having range of mountains, rivers and sea within the city. Take a look at deeper outdoor experiences.


Forest Adventure Odawara

When you are busy studying or working or whatever you are doing, don’t you feel like you want to throw away everything and just play around like children?
“Forest Adventure Odawara” is outdoor parks in harmony with nature which is originated in France. (French name “La Forêt de l’Aventure”)  In France, it was first developed as a training tool for the purpose for team building and risk assessment. While overcoming problem solving activities together in the forest, adopt communication skills and build teamwork through using the “PITCH”, acronym for Physical strength, Intelligence, Trust, Cooperation, and Help each other.

Unlike typical amusement parks, the damage to the environment is minimal, using the natural forest. Since 60% of the land in Japan is forested, many of the land has been neglected and unmanaged. The park brings visitors to the forests and visitors are able to enjoy the woodland.

Participants wear harnesses and go up 10 meter high in the trees, fly like a bird in zip slide, climb up 18 meters valley, and go tarzan swing! Forest Adventure Odawara has the largest Discovery Course, so children over first grade in the elementary school (6 years old) are good to go with adults. Children become adults, and adults become children.
Courses will take 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours. You might find giant flying squirrels jump onto 300 years old large cedar trees.

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