There are loads of must-eat-food in Odawara. Convenient take-aways along with your walk around.

Deep fried Kamaboko

Kamaboko, steemed white fish paste, is famous in Odawara. I believe more than half of Japanese people came here and buy kamaboko on their way back. This shop sells “Satsuma-age”, which is deep fried fish balls. Still good when it’s cold, but it can not be the same having freshly fried one. If you say you want to eat them right away, shop person will do the re-fry so that you can have the hot Satsuma-age. There are many flavors like, garlic, ginger&leek, sakura shrimp, cheese.


Pão de queijo (cheese bun) and curry bun

There’s café space inside and you can order coffee with your cheese buns.
Variety of flavor buns, for example, ham&beetroot, double cheese, pumpkin&coconut and matcha. Note that fluffy heavenly chiffon cake are lovely as well.


Hitotose no Yuki
Shaved frozen fresh fruits with home made condensed milk or syrup

Have you ever had “Kaki-gori”? It’s basically thinly shaved ice with fruits syrup and/or condensed milk on the top. It can be found many places during summer time. This shop is unique and different from Kaki-gori is that fresh fruit itself is frozen first, then thinly shaved. The photo is “Shine Muscat Grape”, 30 bowls limited a day. Since it doesn’t use water like Kaki-gori does, it keeps the flavor of fruits. Foodtexture is silky, melt in your mouth. Also recommend peach, having elegant sweetness. Since this shaved fruit is not as strong taste as usual Kaki-gori does, and has perfect taste, I always drink condensed milk separately, just want to enjoy the fruit flavor.


Hakone Beer Bar
Local beer & Kamaboko

Craft beer gain popularity in Japan recent years. Why not try prize-awarded local craft beer in just a minute on foot from Odawara Station East exit? This shop is run by famous Kamaboko shop Suzuhiro, and they also produce “Hakone Beer”. Hakone Pilsner and Odawara Ale have won award at Asia Cup in 2017. The shop usually offers two main beer and seasonal brew on tap. If you are hungry, have a try at Takoyaki, bits of octopus in round dough garnished with takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, green laver and dried bonito. Since the shop is Kamaboko shop, the dough contains fish paste. Enjoy the local beer and food!