Do you have two days to spend in Odawara? Here’s two days itinerary for you.


1. Saijoji Temple (also known as Doryo-son)







Take Dai-yuzan train from Odawara Station to Dai-yuzan station for 20 minutes.
From Dai-yuzan station, take a bus to Doryo-son for 10 minutes. Walking about 15 minutes through large cedar forest, you will reach Saijoji Temple. All season at Saijoji is beautiful. Around June, colourful hydrangea is seen along the roads to the temple which is very impressive. In the late November, red autumnal leaves are seen around the temple. Saijoji is thought to have been protected by Tengu, a legendary birdlike creature. Many geta clogs, one of a pair is the biggest in the world, can be found in the temple, relating to Tengu. Feel the spiritual sense in this old forest.


2. Ichiyajo Historical Park at Ishigaki yama (Mt. Ishigaki)

From JR Hayakawa station, take taxi for 8 minutes (about 1,500yen) or walk for 40 minutes hilly road beside orange farms. If you’re lucky, take the Limited season sightseeing excursion bus “Umemaru Go” from the Odawara Station East exit.

The site used to have stone-wall castle called Ichiyajo meaning “One night castle”. The warload Toyotomi Hideyoshi built the castle in 1590 in order to take over Hojo’s Odawara Castle. Ichiyajo actually took 80 days to built, but by building the castle in the forest secretly it was hidden from their opponent. One night, Toyotomi Hideyoshi ordered to cut all the trees around the castle which made the impression for Hojo’s side to think that the castle had been constructed within a night.
From the park, you can overlook Sagami Bay. Can you find Odawara castle that Toyotomi Hideyoshi try to conquer?


3. Ichiyajo Yoroizuka Farm

Yoroizuka Farm is a combination of restaurant, patisserie and bakery using local vegetable and fruits just in front of Ichiyajo Historical Park. The restaurant has 2,500㎡ field, planting fruits like Shonan Gold Orange, berries, kiwi with vegetable, herbs on the slope facing the Sagami Bay. Note that cookies and sandwich are also recommended. If the weather permits, buy some food at the shop and take them to outside seats. You can also walk inside the field.