Not much time to spend in Odawara? Here’s “ONE DAY” quick itinerary for you.

1. Odawara Castle

Walking 10 minutes from Odawara Station (East Exit), you will see beautiful castle in the park. There used to be an elephant in front of the castle, nowadays snow monkeys in the cage. If you have a time, you can go up to the castle tower (entry fee is 500 yen) to get a great view of Sagami Bay, mountains of Hakone and Tanzawa.


2. Seikan-Tei

Seikan-Tei is a traditional Japanese villa built by Marquis Nagashige Kuroda in 1906. The construction style is sukiya-zukuri and less formal. You can look inside the building for free. Note that taking off the shoes is required when entering. There is a café space and you can order coffee, black tea, matcha and some sweets. Enjoy the calm atmosphere and quite time.


3. Miyuki-no-Hama (Miyukinohama Beach)

Situated south side of Odawara Castle, crossing under Seisho Bypass, Miyukinohama Beach appears in the front. Compare to other seaside in Kanagawa, “natural state” is one of the charm. There is nothing but sea, not even a chair to sit. Bring some nibbles and rest your feet for a while to give you a calm, relaxing time.